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FIAN India is a network of various independent FIAN units in different federal states of the country. In the year of 2000 the all units of FIAN in India have decided to develop a national structure of FIAN for effective communication and collaboration. To this end a National Standing Committee (NSC) was developed in 2003, consisting of representatives of all FIAN units in India. NSC has set-up a coordination office in Delhi for further networking. FIAN India is a non-profit organisation and affiliated to FIAN International, a Germany-based Human rights organisation that works for the implementation of economic, social and cultural human rights (ESC rights), in general and the right to adequate food in particular. FIAN India is a membership-based organisation largely relying on voluntary work in FIAN groups and sections in the country. FIAN India's key members are its chapters and coordination, which are legal entities in their own right and have their own membership and elected decision-making bodies but work within the FIAN India mandate. FIAN India has 3 chapters: in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. The first stage of developing a chapter is the foundation of a co-coordinating group. There are 2 FIAN coordination in India: Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. On the local level, members of FIAN chapters form groups based on voluntary work. These groups work on the local level towards raising public awareness about the right to food. On the national and international levels the members of groups participate in protest letter campaigns and work on specific cases of violations that have been adopted by FIAN India or FIAN International. FIAN India has some 40 active local groups and total membership of FIAN India currently stands at around 3,300. The highest decision making body of FIAN India is NSC consisting of the delegates of the all FIAN units of the country. NSC meets bi-annually and defines FIAN's policy framework for India. Currently, the NSC consists of 5 representatives of FIAN units in India. Each FIAN unit has its own secretariat and FIAN India has also an office in Delhi for coordination purposes.
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