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New Delhi FIAN Recommendations for National Food Security Act About FIAN India Delhi office FIAN India has established an office in Delhi for effective communication and coordination work with different chapters, and like minded organizations, lobby and advocacy with policy makers and UN Offices in Delhi. This office is also instrumental for expansion of FIAN in other states of India. FIAN India aims to increase the accountability of the State for Full Realization of Human Right to Food, so that every person in India can have access to adequate food. Food first Information & Action Network, India, popularly known, as FIAN India is a part of FIAN International. FIAN is an international human rights organization working for progressive realization of the right to adequate food, a human right as described in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. FIAN India is a network of several independent national FIAN chapters and coordination working in different federal states of the country. FIAN India is a grassroots oriented organisation without political or religious affiliations. The origin of FIAN India could be traced back to 1991, when different chapters of FIAN India started taking shape. FIAN India has a federal structure and it has branches in five federal states of the country i.e. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Recently FIAN has established an office at Delhi for effective communication and coordination work. FIAN India aims to increase the accountability of the State for Full Realization of Human Right to Food, so that every person in India can have access to adequate food. FIAN India intervenes in situations where right to food and livelihoods are violated. In its work, FIAN units in India cooperate closely with victims of violations of right to food - landless and small peasants, rural workers, indigenous people, women, the unemployed and urban poor. FIAN India's activities include measures of documenting violations of right to food in the country and to expose these incidents to the national and international civil society. It also means standing up against unjust and discriminatory practices that prevent people from feeding themselves. FIAN advocates for a form of globalisation that respects human rights to food and feed oneself for all and recognises social and ecological standards. The Structure of FIAN India FIAN India is a network of various independent FIAN units in different federal states of the country. In the year of 2000 the all units of FIAN in India have decided to develop a national structure of FIAN for effective communication and collaboration. To this end a National Standing Committee (NSC) was developed in 2003, consisting of representatives of all FIAN units in India. NSC has set-up a coordination office in Delhi for further networking. FIAN India is a non-profit organisation and affiliated to FIAN International, a Germany-based Human rights organisation that works for the implementation of economic, social and cultural human rights (ESC rights), in general and the right to adequate food in particular. FIAN India is a membership-based organisation largely relying on voluntary work in FIAN groups and sections in the country. FIAN India's key members are its chapters and coordination, which are legal entities in their own right and have their own membership and elected decision-making bodies but work within the FIAN India mandate. FIAN India has 3 chapters: in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. The first stage of developing a chapter is the foundation of a co-coordinating group. There are 2 FIAN coordination in India: Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. On the local level, members of FIAN chapters form groups based on voluntary work. These groups work on the local level towards raising public awareness about the right to food. On the national and international levels the members of groups participate in protest letter campaigns and work on specific cases of violations that have been adopted by FIAN India or FIAN International. FIAN India has some 40 active local groups and total membership of FIAN India currently stands at around 3,300. The highest decision making body of FIAN India is NSC consisting of the delegates of the all FIAN units of the country. NSC meets bi-annually and defines FIAN's policy framework for India. Currently, the NSC consists of 5 representatives of FIAN units in India. Each FIAN unit has its own secretariat and FIAN India has also an office in Delhi for coordination purposes. Take Part We need your support to mainstream right to food in India for empowering the victims to fully realize the right to food and feed oneself. Your help is needed. Take Part in Protest letter campaigns of FIAN India Be a member of any chapter of FIAN India and join our global network Help us to work better by donating some resources Build a FIAN group in your area/state Join a Protest Movement In its struggle for the realization of the right to food; FIAN India uses a variety of methods and tools. The protest and intervention work include protest letter actions and open letters that have thematic issues directly relevant for the right to food. View the latest FIAN protest letters on Indian issues and register your opinion Subscribe to the Hotline Distribution List Join in the hotline distribution list and receive protest letters a year for you to participate and distribute among your friends. Thematic Areas Different Chapters and Coordination of FIAN India are active in various fields to defend and promote the human right to feed oneself in the country. The activities and expertise of different FIAN units in India cover a wide range of thematic areas, which are crucial to mainstream right to food in the nation. These activities provide us with information related to status of right to food in the country and incidents of violations of right to food, thereby helping us to develop strategies for interventions, research, policy advocacy and lobby works as well as documentations and publications. Currently, the units of FIAN India are dealing with the following themes: Agrarian Reform Voluntary Guidelines on Right to Food Food security Policies of the Government of India Food for work Mid Day Meal PDS and different related schemes Right to work Minimum and Equal wages Right to water
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