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The agrarian economy of India is the major source of livelihood for millions of rural poor in the country. The agrarian structure in India is characterized by unequal distribution of productive resources, including land. The concentration of land rests on a few landholders who are economically powerful compared to the poor and marginal peasants. These productive lands have not been fully utilized and recent studies have shown that the productivity of land decreases when the land goes bottom - up from the hands of the poor to the rich. The implementation of genuine agrarian reform is a precondition to ensure food security for the marginal peasants and landless laborers in India. FIAN chapters in India have identified the need to promote policies and programmes for genuine agrarian reform in the country. To this end initiatives have been taken to make different stakeholders of the civil society aware of the importance of agrarian reform measures. Sensitization of state representatives, legislatures and judiciary for formulation of pro-poor agrarian reform policies and for effective implementation of the same are done. At the same time campaigns and media advocacy are important activities of different FIAN chapters in the country to bring the issue of agrarian reform back in agenda, particularly when an alarming tendency of reverse reform in the agrarian sector is being planned by different federal states in India to allow the indiscriminate expansion of TNCs in agribusiness in the country. To FIAN Agrarian Reform is a human rights obligation of the state. It provides people with access to productive resources, allowing them to have adequate access to food in dignity. Agrarian reform is a central element of every strategy to fight back poverty. Therefore Agrarian Reform will remain a central thematic area for FIAN India to facilitate realization of right to food and feed oneself in the country. FIAN AT WORK Campaigns Campaigns are joint activities of different FIAN Chapters. The chapters motivate all their groups and members to take active part in these activities. Campaigns often address policy questions which influence the right to feed oneself and involve law or practices leading to wide spread violations of the right to feed oneself. Some Campaigns also aim at introducing international or national legal instruments or programmes for better implementation of the right to food. FIAN India launches campaigns on broad issues related to the realization of the right to feed oneself involving the different chapters and co - ordinations. Protest Letters: Protest letter campaigns are the heart of FIAN's intervention work. FIAN Chapters in India collect information concerning violations of right to food of any individual or communities, with the help of local support groups of victims. FIAN activists at chapter-level inquire into the details of the case. When the full picture of the violation of the right to food has emerged, information is sent to FIAN International with a request for suitable intervention. FIAN International launches a protest letter campaign and sends out the same to all the chapters and worldwide network of FIAN members, supporting individuals, partner organizations and solidarity networks. Supporters then send out the signed letters to the responsible State Authorities in which they are asked to end the violation for which they bear responsibility. Protest letter campaigns are more than mere notes of solidarity. They end or forestall Human Rights violations. They add momentum to the struggle of common people against powerful interests and have often tipped the scale in favour of a just solution. Visit INTERVENTION ARCHIVE to find the protest letter campaigns related to India Chapter-Level
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