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Through lobby work FIAN India tries to initiate dialogues with decision makers to gain influence on their decisions which shape the status of right to food of certain individuals or communities in the country. In fact it is way to address government or state authorities responsible for a violation of the right to feed oneself. Direct lobbying is targeted directly at governmental and sometimes at nongovernmental actors involved in a violation of Human Rights concerning the FIAN mandate. Indirect lobbying on the other hand tries to influence authorities, whose responsibility is rather remote, but who could exert an influence on the targets of direct lobbying. The decision maker gets fully aware of the situation through lobbying. The violation of the specific legal instruments or law is referred in case of lobbying. Reasonable and feasible demands towards the implementation of the right to food are placed with respect and politeness. To see the different lobby works of FIAN chapters in India please visit the respective pages.
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