FIAN is a young and expanding organization. Current developments in the world show that FIAN's involvement for the right to food and against hunger is of growing importance. The struggle for the right to food is mobilising people in the four corners of the world. In many instances FIAN, interventions have brought justice to the victims. In others, the engagement for human rights must continue.

Our world-wide network of members is the backbone of FIAN's capacity to stand up against human rights abuses. This is why your involvement is needed. Become a member of FIAN International and actively support the struggle against hunger and malnutrition!

As a member of FIAN you:
  • receive your members publication Hungry for Justice
  • take part in the protest letters campaigns
  • can take part in democratic decision-making within FIAN
  • are continuously updated on developments on the right to food front
  • are part of a global network spanning some 60 countries
  • are taking a stand against injustice
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